The Buyer shall check for possible defects when accepting the goods and immediately submit a complaint to the shipping agent, that is, refuse to accept the shipment with visible damage. If the shipment was delivered in the original package and the buyer had accepted the goods by signing the delivery form, the goods are considered orderly delivered.

For all products there is a period appointed by law to submit a complaint. If the properties of the product were altered in that period, as a result of disregard for the care and maintenance procedures, OPG Ivana Prah (Mendula Natural Cosmetics) shall not be held responsible for the resulting damage. If this is not the case, the product can be returned and replaced with the identical or similar new product, or repaired at the seller's cost, and the buyer is entitled to a discount or refund of their payment.

Buyers can file their complaints to: with the description and/or photographs of the damage so that the seller is able to start resolving individual complaints. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette 41/14), Article 10, buyers can also file their complaints in writing to the seller's address. When filing a complaint, the buyer should provide the order number, receipt number, or their user name, so that the order can be identified in the shortest possible time. OPG Ivana Prah shall answer to all complaints and claims for refund within a maximum of 15 days.

The complaints form can be found in the Terms of Use section, point No. 6.