Bath Salts

Adding bath salts to your bathwater provides you with the relief from stress and daily grind. The soothing effect of sea salt, rich in sodium, magnesium, and calcium, is complemented with carefully selected essential oils from our local producers. Various combinations of essential oils will help you relax and boost your energy while nourishing your skin. Mendula bath salts offer several combinations of essential oils:

  • Bath salts with lavender essential oil relax and relieve from stress and are perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Lavender stimulates the regeneration of tissues and its strong antiseptic properties help with various skin problems.
  • Bath salts with rosemary essential oil stimulate circulation, help fight cellulite and varicose veins, and regenerate the skin.
  • Bath salts with lavender, sage, and lemongrass essential oils will invigorate and energize you with their citrus scent. The three essential oils in this combinaion act as a powerful antiseptic and bactericide.

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